Vegan Vitality

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If you are already vegan and looking to improve your diet by cutting out processed foods, and eat a wider range of healthy plant based whole foods, this course is for you.

The recipes follow the principles of How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger, and include tips on how to eat your daily dozen. Learn how to cook healthy grains such as buckwheat, quinoa and millet.

Explore basic raw food principles, including green juice, and simple cashew cheese. Take the mystery out of cooking soya products such as miso, tempeh and tofu. The day is a mixture of demonstration and practical hands on cookery, with plenty of time to sample the results.

All of my courses are vegan. If you are new to cooking, or are a new vegan, you will find Meals in Minutes or one of my other courses a better starting point.

vegan vitality dishes

"I enjoyed the food tasting! I’m not adventurous with tofu or tempeh but feel I will be after today."


"Amazing day. Fantastic food. Lizzy is great teacher who enthuses knowledge and passion for vegan food"