Street Food

Sat, 29 October 2022 full
10am to 3.45pm
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Ever wondered what to do with jackfruit? Interested in learning how to make and cook with seitan? Wondering how to cook with temeph?

Recreate some fast food classics with a vegan twist. Street Food draws upon a world of flavours for inspiration.

We’ll use vital wheat gluten to make a batch of handmade seitan. A variety of cooking techniques for seitan and jackfruit will be explored. Tofu, tempeh and a range of store cupboard staples will also feature.

The day is a mixture of demonstration and practical hands on cookery, with plenty of time to sample the results.

All food is suitable for vegans.

vegan street food our lizzy

"Enthusiastic and friendly teacher and pupils. A really well organised day. Enjoyable and educational experience. Thanks."


"Learned a variety of dishes that were easy to follow, and varied recipes. Lovely venue."

Alison and Chris

"The amount of recipes was impressive."