Meals in Minutes

Sun, 13 November 2022 full
10am to 3.45pm
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Want to prepare quick weekday dinners but don’t have much time? Are you new to cooking? Needing inspiration? Cutting down on meat and dairy? Or looking to cut down on rising food bills? This course is a real investment - helping you save money and eat a healthy diet. This course includes something for everyone whether you are cooking for one or for a family this course is for you.

There is time to explore cutting and preparation techniques. The day is a mixture of demonstration and practical hands on cookery, with plenty of time to sample the results.

Each one-pot meal can be prepared and cooked in less than 20 minutes. Explore a range of meat-free staple ingredients such as beans, tofu and good quality convenience foods. Time saving tips will be given, along with ideas for meal planning.

All food is suitable for vegans.

vegan cookery class meals in minutes

"I feel a lot more confident cooking now and really liked learning about the different types of beans and different ways of preparing the veg such as shaving with the peeler and grating ... simple but I’d never have done it that before!"


"Loved the class today! Thanks so much for the fun supportive teaching and delish food. Can’t believe how many dishes we cooked in the time. They really were ‘meals in minutes’."


"Thank you for generously sharing all your knowledge. This course has transformed the way I approach food now. It's given me the confidence to move to be vegan and cook more creatively."