Tasty Tofu

Sat, 5 November 2022 one space
10am to 3.45pm
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Ever wondered what to do with tofu? This course looks at different types of tofu and includes a range of cooking techniques. Learn how to make your own crispy tofu cubes. Explore different methods of cooking including scramble, braise, roast, frying and barbecue.

We will draw upon flavours from around the world to create, including doner kebabs and the ever popular tofish and chips.

We also make a selection of savoury pastries and flans.

The day is a mixture of demonstration and practical hands on cookery, with plenty of time to sample the results.

All food is suitable for vegans.

vegan cookery class tofu

"So many dishes, so much information and interesting ways that tofu can be used. Loved the ‘fish’ and chips."