Want to learn to cook? Need to learn to survive as a student? Want to feel more confident in the kitchen? Looking to cut down on rising food bills? This course is a real investment - helping you save money and eat a healthy diet.

This course teaches you basic cooking skills and how to use simple meat-free ingredients to create a range of nutritious tasty meals.

You will also learn how to plan a week’s menu and to use up left over ingredients. Whether you are a student, learning to cook for yourself for the first time, or need to cut down on costs when cooking for your family, this course is for you.

The day begins with coffee and cake at 10.00am, followed by a demonstration and practical session. After lunch you prepare main courses such as Lizzy’s super quick chilli, nice ’n’ easy noodles, spicy chick pea, and beany bake. This is followed by some simple pudding ideas.

At the end of the afternoon we will sit down to sample the results. You will then pack your lunch boxes with meals to take away.

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"I liked the personalised help and feel more confident cooking for myself now."